distro Amazon Prime royalty rate now down to just 1 cent per hour!

Yes, it's very disheartening to put so much into a project and get next to nothing in return. We were pushed out of the you tube world because we didn't fit their requirements, so we moved over to Amazon. We saw the handwriting on the wall with Amazon, so in March 2019 we moved five of our titles over to Filmhub. Well, since then we have only made $18.51 total with Filmhub. But on a brighter thought, at least our stuff is "out there" for people to watch, and the films are not simply forgotten on a shelf somewhere... We tell ourselved that we make films simply for the love of making films...I guess that now it's really true.
I remember when Amazon was paying 16 cents per hour. For the last year or so they were paying 4 cents. Well now it's down to 1 cent as of Jan 1st!
Amazon is just about as much of a drop in the bucket as YouTube. Your content is about worthless.
Is that rate variable with how popular the movie is (sorry I didn't read the entire article)? Or is The Matrix paid out at a same rate as mymovie3?


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I'm SURE the Matrix is paid more than you and I are.
But there is some variabiity - you can find some details in here, and you have to look at you Customer Engagement Rate (CER) each month.
Amazon Prime rates

I've done better with TubiTV, but they don't tell you the rates - it depends on their ad sales during your movie.


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Your content is about worthless.
Basic supply and demand really. There is just too much shit to watch. Nobody is chomping at the bit for the names of movies they haven’t seen.
You can post a question on Facebook and get 30 different movie recommendations that were all made for millions of dollars and never even watch 1/3 of what your friends are telling you is good.
Yeah, sucks to be the other side of capitalism. Now, (not defending Amazon), the streams DO calculate earnings Per streamer. If you took payout from old-school Broadcast TV channels and spread them out over the few millions that watched their rerun of a film, I suspect the numbers would look not too distant from what Amazon pays out per stream.