Amateur Movie Producer

Amateur Movie Producer _ I from VietNam

Hello everyone!

I'm starting to make movies. I am very excited and enthusiastic about it and look forward to receiving everyone's attention. :P

That's my channel:

If you are interested, subscribe to me and wait for my next videos

I hope everyone will give me suggestions so I can improve. I will create many interesting movies.

Thanks for watching! ^_^
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Hi and welcome

other film makers can be the most demanding audience so don't get too down if there is negative feedback. Unless you're making films about films then we aren't your target demographic anyway.

hopefully you can take whatever people say and turn it into a growing moment
my comments not about your videography skill but its my first bit of advice which is the same for photography and video:

be hyper aware of your surroundings, always check your background and remove anything that shouldn't be there... setting is very important and its better to spend 10 minutes tidying or finding a new spot than realizing everything's cluttered in post

for example: in your videos there's loads of distracting items in the back ground like a big blue carrier bag on top a big cardboard box and electrical wires going to a kettles (curious why do you need 3 kettles?) + other stuff in nearly every shot, you also need to clean your windowsill because video picks up every bit of dirt and grime which might work if your film is about drug dealers living in a slum etc... but for a stock/product video its not great