After reading Indietalk for about 2 years, it's time to join & participate.

First, I'd like to thank all the professionals on this site who responds to various questions & topics, even (especially) when they get a little heated....I appreciate your time & I've enjoyed reading the quality of your answers...some of you write so perfectly (to me) it's a pleasure to read your posts...There are times I've laughed myself to tears.....I know some of you (somewhat) just by reading Indietalk for 2 years, often reading IT several times a day including older posts.

Who am I?...I'm a tax accountant, CPA (40+years), father of 4 children, Vietnam-era veteran (my draft lottery number was 3), a 4 year 2nd class Navy corpsman with the U.S. Marines, stayed on the east coast & did not go to Vietnam, afterwards received an accounting degree at Univ of Alabama, and now a slowly retiring accountant with a short bucket list.

I've been writing a story (off and on) for more than 5 years, some of which is from true life events I've witnessed...(I know...everyone has a story)...I've done extensive research on various forms of writing (screenplays, novels, etc), but that's not for me.....I'm not going to try and hammer a square peg in a round some of you, most of my life (in years) is behind me, and I don't have time to learn a new trade....but I do want to write my story as far as I can go.

I do have 24 pages of loglines (even though I just need one), and I've written a 2 page synopsis of my I applied for and received a Certificate of Registration from the U.S. Copyright office.....but I have much more to do to finish... then afterwards I'll pass it on to whoever it's destined to go....believe in destiny?

Thanks for reading my long introduction....I know I may have contradicted myself at times and I write using my own style which may not be grammatically correct.......I'm glad Alcove made it back, but I do miss Sweetie's posts....Thanks again for reading!
Have you ever considered writing your story as a book? Not that you should or that I recommend it. Often, if a story is actually worth writing, it's worth writing as both and I do believe writing it as a book might allow you to get EVERYTHING DOWN. Almost like a first draft of a spec script. Only problem with specs is that we may have to abandon some things we really love somewhere down the line.

Writing it as a book allows you to keep that real estate as is. With everything in it.

I too am a Navy Vet... 21 years -- Combat Search and Rescue Operator. Last tour of duty with 4th Force Recon so thanks for your service!
..(I know...everyone has a story)...I've done extensive research on various forms of writing (screenplays, novels, etc), but that's not for me..

That's the trouble.. everyone has a story. so why would someone take the time to write yours?
i suppose you could hire a ghost writer
Have you ever considered writing your story as a book?

Yes, I've considered hiring a writer (or ghostwriter) for a book when I've completed my story.....and I understand the advantages of doing that........or I may pass the baton on to a screenwriter and go from there......I have a whole file of freelance writers for hire, mainly from Upwork....the last time I checked Mara (mlesemann) was listed there.....I have the story, just need more time to put it on paper.

I've had time to consider my options and IndieTalk has given me so many answers without even asking a single question. (since I wasn't a member)....I've learned so much just by reading all the posts over the last 2 years and I knew you (Unknown Screenwriter) were a Navy Vet because of your prior posts.....and I thank you for your service too.

But (to me) it's all about the story....and the reader and/or the audience.....But my story is not about me....nor is it for me.. it's about real people, real events and it must have broad public appeal with meaning...entertaining enough to buy a book or to buy a ticket at the movies....and I'm certainly not a one-man'll take several to make it successful.
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