film-school Advice on film school

I've been looking to get into filmmaking for a bit but haven't yet. There is a film institute a hour away from where I leave that has a 9 month film program. They with in the last few years have started offering financial aid, making it a lot easier for me to go.

I recently learned that my local university is going to start offering a bfa in film production this fall. This would be easier as I wouldn't have to drive a hour one way but is a full 4 year program, but I'd already have some of the gen ed classes done.

Trying to decide if I should go ror the loval 4 year degree or the 9 month program. Or if I should even go to a film school at all and just learn as I go. Any advice or insights on this topic would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
a degree itself probably wont open any doors. a portfolio can do that.

what you have to decide is if the experience is worth it for you.
will you be happy with the caliber of fellow students you will meet and work with
are you capable of learning on your own, even though its a much harder path
what specifically do you want to do.. write, direct, camera, edit, etc ?
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