software Adobe Premier or Final Cut Pro ??

I think that's a fair question. One that deserves a fair response.

The "best" software DOES depend on many factors and Biggermens
gave some usable information for an experienced editor to offer an
opinion. Even a novice editor can offer up an opinion based on what
Biggermens posted.

While Biggermens didn't specifically use the words, "best for me" I
think that's exactly what this post is asking.

Biggermens; my opinion is to download the 90 day FCP trial and
use it for a couple of months. It's a strong tool.

Hi direcoril

I apreciate the advice, I hear lots of good things of Final Cut Pro
what i am worried is my mac's are not powerful enough, they are
not the fastest machine on earth haha
But i here Final Cut Pro is very efficient, so it might not be a problem
I am looking to edit HD1080