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screenplay A story

I was a bunch of dust, then I became a human, I assigned a lot of importance to my perceptions of my own existence, then I figured out I was probably wrong about that. Then I assigned a lot of importance to the existence of others, then I figured out I was probably wrong about that. Then I figured out that we were all grading on the curve and that I had been wrong about being wrong about those things. Later on, I have plans to turn into some more dust, once I've completed the trajectory of my own mental construct of the importance of life. Lol.

That's my way of saying that my life story is too long and pointless to tell. I'm writing an interesting story now, maybe I'll tell that here sometime. More likely you'll have to endure a string of youtube ads to watch it in animated form.
@Nate North now THIS is a short post. I think I like yours better.
Don't feed the animals! They will unleash a torrent of interconnected soliloquys of an interminably verbose and pointlessly multisyllabic nature that overwhelm the server by exceeding some hidden JavaScript character limit and plunging the world into the horrifying darkness of an existence devoid of independent film forums.
I don't know, but I'm willing to try it out. We're doing this to some degree with Save Point, so I'll call this time spent practicing. Here's how I see it working. Each of us writes a small section of a story, and then the next person continues it. Maybe 500 word cap or something, IDK, this is @Dean Jay s thread so I'll let him set up the rules. Just start a story here, I'll write part 2, and maybe we can get the snowball rolling. My 2 cents would be to practice writing reveals, by having every post end right before a reveal. E. G. "he walked over to the window to look outside and see what the strange noise was, and what he saw was more bizzare and shocking than anything he could have imagined"

Next post "in his backyard, wrapped around the swing set, was a 16 foot long caterpillar, perhaps 3 feet in circumference, it's wet gold skin glistening in the moonlight as a half dozen eyes on stalks bristled from it's thrashing head. He immediately closed the curtains and ducked beneath the window, from outside, he could hear the sound of the thing unwrapping itself from the swing, and moving closer to the house"
Ok film forum of full fledged fiction fermenters, If I can pen, parse, and prestidigitate prose at this purposeful pace partially paralyzed by a profusion of pulled pork and paranoid about public pushback, then you can compose circumstances and characters from this convoluted criteria. Simply start to scrawl some syllables succinctly.

It's not like you have to start all the words with the same letter, just write something. It's easy, and you need the practice.


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As he huddled below the window sill, he snuck a peak at the yard - damn! Still there.

Then from behind him, there was a high pitched scream that ended as suddenly as it started. Judy barely glanced at his odd posture as she entered the kitchen and turned off the gas beneath the tea kettle.

"Do you have time to drink your tea here, honey? Or should I put it in your travel mug?"
I know I am breaking the theme of this thread and kinda tipsy, but damn, David Sedaris “starting his story” about 5 sentences through his original storywrite is absolute genius…Watched his masterclass. Alright tipsy out and will come with a better post next time.
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Clustering an idea…so if I put out an idea, in theory someone can also cluster it?
Say, Forum post: Space (Clustering)
would equal a response like Travel and so forth?

I have written the start of a story, but have writers block (or whatever) , I can write all day, but if the ideas are not good and are forced, they just don’t work…for me that is, and to get more ideas, clustering may help.

Not looking for anyone to write the story, but to add an idea or rather to inspire a new idea which could springboard into another idea later that I know would work for the story.
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Everytime something good happens to me, something even worse happens afterward..
Like I got a van to do some traveling and stuff and then covid shut everything down.

sorry guys covid is all my fault cause i got that van :(
I have this same curse. I've gotten to where if I see a nickel laying on the sidewalk, I immediately look up to see if there is a piano dangling overhead.