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  • hi zen,
    apologies mate, i just saw you sent me a message some time ago
    i was not ignoring you, i didnt realise i had a message
    thank you for your kind words,
    dont get a lot of time to spend on the net so i dont get to post
    very often.
    you can check out my cv on imdb under ian dart

    cheers mate
    Hi Steve,

    I really appreciate reading your feedback on short films on this message board. I will watch a short film, then read your feedback and then rewatch a short to learn. I’m hoping you will do me a favor and watch my social issue short film titled Zombie Party, which we shot last summer and are almost finished editing. This is my second film and I know I have a lot to learn. Any feedback would be grateful. Please let me know if you think if this is film festival worthy? The music was written/produced for the film. YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2Zvs9t9a5c&feature Thanks, Bruce -- bruce.downs@gmail.com
    I can't deny that, seeing that you posted this over 2 years ago. I'll just lie and say I've been very busy the past couple of years. But now I'm back with a vengeance....Merry Christmas!
    Hi Steve,

    how you're doing? Is there any video from "of consequence" to find in the net? After all that years i would like to watch that film again, one of my early works :D was fun to do!

    best regards,

    I should say, I try and watch all the narratives. I need to be in the mood for the others.
    Yea I guess I am.:) I work from 3pm-1am and we've been real slow.(Read: Lots of free time.) But I try to make a point to watch everything that's posted, eventually.:) Oh yea, I try and leave a message too. That way I know which vids I've watched. :)
    You're inbox is full, so i couldnt manage to send you a message.

    Hey whatsup, want to stay in touch?
    ZenSteve: Not sure you got this through email, but http://IndieArms.com

    Working on the site still. We have a catalog of over 200 weapons, plus all associated departments (SFX, VFX, Military Advising, Stunt Coordination).

    We are adding to the armory on a daily basis, plus adding exotics that no one else has in So Cal. (Stinger Missiles, M134's, etc,)
    Hey Steve,

    I see you have worked SAG for ultra low budget (10k). Our budget is also 10k.
    Do you think I can have my other producer/director give you a call to discuss your experience with that. It should be a very quick conversation and any information we can get would be great. PM me and let me know. Tried to PM you and you're full.

    thanks again Steve.
    Ahhh, happy to hear you're busy with film schtuff :) , sad that you're gone from the forum for long periods of time, though :( Marilyn will be done just in time for the world to end on December 21, 2012. lol. I'm working on a trailer right now and hope to have it posted soon. The bulk of the project has yet to be drawn, unfortunately. Still doing what I can afford to do and hopefully either a grant or fiscal sponsorship will materialize. Love ya back! :D
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