Jul 17, 1984 (Age: 38)
Dennis Logan
Filmmaker, Screenwriter, Director, Actor, Editor, Producer, Extra, Unpaid PA, Dead Body #3
Snakeperson VS Vampire (2008)
4th Cousin Makeover Plus Become Rockstars (Unreleased 2008)
Saveslot (Series - 2008)
The Poke Show: The Lava Factory (2007)
French Onion (2006) (Indietalk Award Winner!) WAHOOY!
Sewage Waste Management (2006)
Bloody Hell (2005)
Hot Rod Fever: Volume 1 (2005)
The Wreck Beach Film Festival Review (2005)
Macbeth 3000: This time, it's personal (2005)
Orange Crush (2005)
The Perfect Sandwich (2005)
King Lear 2000 (2002)
Hamlet: The Original Motion Picture (2000)
The Future: the horrible, horrilbe future (?)
French Onion- Indietalk Script to Screen Challenge Winner: Grand Prize, Best Interpretation of Comedy Script, Best Screenplay (comedy), Best Use of 10% Originality
Perfect Sandwich- Official Selection of the Indietalk Online Original Film Competition #3, Official Selection of the Wreck-Beach Film Festival
Orange Crush- Honorable mention at the Toronto 48 Hour Film Challenge
Macbeth 3000- Official Selection of the Youngcuts International Film Festival, Nominations: Best Sound, Best Score, Best SPFX, Winner: Best Trailer
Favorite Film(s)
Grindhouse, Clerks, Evil Dead 2, What the Bleep do we know?, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Favorite Director(s)
Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, Kevin Smith, Steven Speilberg, Richard Kelley, Michael Gondry


---Dennis Logan---


The Poke Show! (sketch comedy show with Pink Guy and myself!)

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Macbeth 3000 DVD Coming Soon!!!! As usual....


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