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    watch Rate my new movie, Kidnapper

    I only watched it once, but if I had to rate it, the score would be 2 out of 5 stars. The shots were all over the place, with lots of footage (pun!) of feet. My biggest suggestion would be to use your tripod as much as you can. Make sure you get one with a fluid tripod head, as Christmas is...
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    news ‘Star Wars’ Cast and Fans Pay Tribute to David Prowse, Darth Vader Star Dead at 85

    Bolaji Badejo's name is harder to say and remember. He had no lines. Very little screen time and performance. Didn't appear in other movie or sequel. Other people played the aliens after that. David Prowse was in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, various Hammer movies, and was a weightlifting champ, as...
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    misc Ever take a break from Filmmaking?

    Years back, I had a 5 year break from filmmaking. I changed jobs and cities, so it took a while to get grounded. I came back hungry; made 3 features and a bunch of shorts. Then the 2009 recession happened. I became very cautious with my money. I haven't shot a feature since 2007, but I did...
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    Introducing myself (don't know what else to write as a subject line :-) )

    You can overlay two of the same shot. The 2nd layer is brighter and can be ramped in and out. You can use a mask to shape the layer, so it has a stronger flare point, as opposed to the whole shot becoming equally brighter. You can also add lens/light flares to the second layer, as well. When...
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    Introducing myself (don't know what else to write as a subject line :-) )

    First of all, "Hello and welcome" to Anil. If you need them, ActionVFX has free ones: Free Lightning
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    hollywood The Batman

    Amazing trailer. Love the tone and style. I agree that Pattinson looks good in the part.
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    soundtrack The Cue Tube Scoring Competition 2020

    It was like watching and listening to the real thing. Great use of pace/mood segues; and there were a lot of them. You've got them chops!
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    soundtrack The Cue Tube Scoring Competition 2020

    Your music was really good in that clip.
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    directors Where to Watch Christopher Nolan’s Other Films to Prepare for ‘Tenet’

    Well, I've seen every single one; some multiple times. I couldn't disagree with mister Kohn more, about the Bane entry. Come on, let's go down into the sewers and take on Bane's army with just our fists! I found the characters' behavior on the CIA plane to be outlandish. Cool sequence, but...
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    Experienced Composer Saying Hello

    I like your "sound." Cinematic, indeed.
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    Film composer, video editor and space geek says hi!

    Oddly enough, that's how I got into making music. I started out making films and had a hard time finding a composer. This was in the pre-DAW days, so getting a good cinematic sound was next to impossible, during that time. Now, you can throw a rock in any direction and hit a musician. :lol...
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    Strange times - easier to make movies harder to make money from them

    I'm glad it worked out for you. I've shot films two ways. The first way is to shoot for 2 weeks. By the third day, you hit your stride and the routine becomes more comfortable, mentally. The second way is to shoot on the odd day off. We did that for close to a year. I found that the amount...
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    Strange times - easier to make movies harder to make money from them

    First, I learned a new word from you post - "scuppered." Thanks. :lol: Dude, this is the most insane shooting schedule I've seen. I guess none of you wanted to use Vacation Time to schedule a solid 10 - 14 days? I've worked in hotels for a number of years, for my main income. I made 4...