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    Can you make well lit scenes appear dark in Post Production?

    Be sure to practice first to see what it takes. It's totally do-able, but never go in to production relying on VFX you aren't 100% sure you can pull off and know all the steps for. Also, on an all auto camera like a gopro, be careful not to over expose. Another dead giveaway.
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    Zach Braff sells Kickstarter-funded "Wish I Was Here" for $2.75m

    A thank you would have helped I'm sure, but again, none of the perks were just donations. It's all merch. I've never heard Michael Bay thank everyone that bought a Transformers T Shirt. Yes, it was all bought beforehand, but still. Give the perks time. It's smarter business, wait till the...
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    Do actors need makeup for a war movie?

    I'd argue that smearing mud on an actors face counts as makeup, but it's up to you wether or not you staff the position. A good MUA is an important member of the team. Like chimp said, continuity is important but an actor in good makeup (and good doesn't mean clean, but a good visual aesthetic...
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    Zach Braff sells Kickstarter-funded "Wish I Was Here" for $2.75m

    Maybe, but I wasn't any more likely to back the random guy before this, and I don't think anyone else is either. If anything, I'm in the "this helps all of kickstarter" boat. Big projects like this that get a lot of press introduce people to the idea of crowdfunding who have never heard of it...
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    Zach Braff sells Kickstarter-funded "Wish I Was Here" for $2.75m

    Seriously, I don't see how this is an issue? All of the perks on this kickstarter campaig are legit too: From the cheapest ($10 access to a production diary) to art prints, a director's chair back, T shirt etc. $100 bought an advance screening ticket, an art print, a t shirt, soundtrack sneak...
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    Another millionaire asking for money on KickStarter

    I addition to all the marketing posts... It's not a tax, it's asking people to pitch in for your project. Nobody was forced to pay. Was she the producer too? It seems like she's acting in someone else's short. How many actors pay to be in a short? Regardless, I don't think they did anything...
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    Free Stock Footage?

    If you're just testing software, you can download comp/proof versions from pretty much any site. They're low-res an watermarked, but it let's you try it out in your project.
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    Sticker shock?? O M G

    I can appreciate the time and costs to put on a festival, but man, when you're a no-name festival that's pretty ludicrous to charge that, especially for a music video when they can run 15-20 of them an hour. Oh wait, it's discounted to $90. That's a whole new story.
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    Digital Bolex - 2K Raw at $2500

    Netflix will deliver 4K streaming content this year, YouTube already does. Vizio launched a $9954K TV at CES. 4k's here. Still in the baby phases, but worth planning for. If you can be the first guy delivering solid content in 4K you might find your market. Back to Bolex, I'm not that...
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    Whats a must for a run and gun rig

    I like using a monopod way more than a shoulder rig for a DSLR. You can still put two hands on the camera and it's still nice and steady while being able to move around.
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    DSLR Vs Mirrorless

    Sony's two-way mirror thing is pretty sharp too. You get a great optical viewfinder like DSLR that works while shooting video like an EVIL camera. The only downside is the Sony lens mount haha, but it's not much difference adapter or selection-wise than MFT, all the same-ish options available.
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    Trademark in marketing

    I couldn't make out all the small text in the picture and I need some shots of the actors if you want to include them, but this is the basic idea.
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    Trademark in marketing

    Hey man, I have some ideas, I'd love to take a stab at it if you're cool with it? I think I can get the idea across without any potential "infringement".
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    Disc for Rental Purposes Only

    Nope. I've bought after because I liked the movie, and have watched special features after that, but never bought solely for the purpose of special features. None the less, that's the marketing logic. Same reason people often pay more for the two disc DVD+Blu-Ray special edition and only ever...
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    New 4K cameras good news for indies?

    Don't get me wrong, it's not ideal, but man it saves your bacon when you need it.