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    Amazon's New Video Direct Service

    This would probably depend on how you label your movie. "You watched this (popular) movie. You might like this movie." I have friends that are always digging up good music/movies this way.
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    What exactly is skillful direction?

    You might check out some "Making of" videos on youtube to see just how involved the director is with the actors performances. Adam Baldwin (Animal Mother) - Gee, what does this guy want?! Kubrick, leaning from behind the camera. - Good acting, maybe.
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    CAME-TV 1200 Watt HMI PAR Video Review

    I've enjoyed both. Good stuff.
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    watch Working On First Feature Film (The Players)

    Looks pretty good.
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    watch The Things We've Seen

    Looks pretty cool.
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    How is this Logline?

    Sounds like Hitler. :)
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    Would you lie to your fans?

    INTEND is a powerful word. "We do not intend to bring that character back." "We had not intended not to bring that character back, but......."
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    Ok So What Now?

    You could start a Meet Up. I found a whole group of people who want to film and work on projects(for free), but do not want to be actors. They range from professionals who work in TV, to complete novices. There might already be a group in your area.
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    watch Unstuck - Neo Noir

    I enjoyed it. Would have liked to see more hard lighting on the exterior shots, but that means bigger lights = money. :) And, it's a little thing, but I think there was an accent being given away by the "Rs" at the end of words. If this is an American accent, it sounds a little off. For...
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    watch Sandbox - Short Film

    I enjoyed it. Good message too.
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    watch A web series episode dedicated to the struggles of making an independent film

    The club seemed under crowded? And it sounded like you guys were recording the sound at the location?? Might try and add it in after. Was hard to understand the characters sometimes. But it was pretty spot on. :)
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    watch Demoreel 2016

    Looks pretty cool. You might consider doing an HD version.
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    watch Perfect Nothing's an original series

    Watched the first episode. Looked pretty good. There were a couple moments where the lighting was harsh. The sound is what took me out of the moment, though. Lots of echoee sound.
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    watch Every School Should Try This Announcement Format

    Well, they had fun. :)
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    watch War of the Worlds: The Medics Story

    Based on the promo, I would not watch the film. The music was nice. The visuals seemed to be old photos with animation (that wasn't animated) overlaid.