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    watch The Robber & the Robber

    I laughed out loud, actually. It could definitely be a lot more tightly-paced, and the introductory sequence trying to show how amateur the rookie was could have been less goofy. Also, the camera angles during the couch conversation were too strange for me. I loved the one 4-second profile shot...
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    advice on a new laptop to get?

    I'm just getting used to it, but so far, it seems great to me. Love the workflow improvements, plus the gesture/swiping additions (all new since my last macbook). I did, however, revert back to the typical scrolling method -- the backwards setting really annoyed me. I can't say much about the...
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    Who has seen limmitless?

    I loved it. The pseudo-gritty vibe reminded me immediately of Fight Club, but after the second act, I really had to wonder where the story was going. I was hoping for a large scope and scale in a story called "Limitless," but despite some here-and-there disappointment, it was a fun, well shot...
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    Need advice on drawing viewer emotion for short film

    The original question is a GREAT one, but one that (I feel) is not a matter of technique, tricks, or even advice. That question of how to draw emotion from one's audience is the central struggle of any artistic medium -- books, music, performance art, and visual art alike. This is why (as...
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    advice on a new laptop to get?

    I just got the new Macbook Pro 15" with Lion. Great, great computer. I was working on a 2-generations-old Macbook 13", and the increased screen area and the graphics processing speed has made such a difference. Such a beautiful display, too. I can't imagine having a better laptop display for...
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    Brettzdaman productions? NaMe?

    @NickClapper -- woah, that is FUN. I've also had a lot of beer just now... in my living room alone: Wooden Turtle Productions, Hanging Fish Films, Jagged Candle Studios, Ruffled Sofa Features, Spiky Squeak Toy Films... I'm gonna be doing this all day.
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    Cheapest solution for making fake snow/green screen snow and an avalanche?

    Unless you are envisioning a completely otherworldly look (which you're not, since you mentioned Inception), it is always heaps easier to shoot in a real location. Always. I'm fairly sure that the cost of trucking in snow/fake snow and set dressing alone would cost you more than a park pass and...
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    I (as always) loved the dazzle and punch of a Transformers movies (big explosions, freaking cool epic action scenes, and really hot women), but I really thought this movie cut corners with the last half. When This could have been handled far more dramatically. I'm all for a mindless Hollywood...
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    watch Foresight

    Sweet! Really great idea, didn't even guess it!
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    Sucessful Cinematic Web Series?

    Agents of Cracked. Mind-blowingly hilarious, and actually pretty nicely shot. There's three seasons, this is the first episode. EDIT: Actually, this one is a lot better:
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    Is Story really that important?

    I agree. Story isn't story without plot. A movie can't really have a story without having a plot, and vice versa. And it also sounds like your idea of "story" is actually called a tagline. You described the "story" of The Social Network as "a young student decides to start a social network." But...
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    watch Is War A Game? Short film by Michael Rees

    Really nice. Some small things I noticed: The quick cuts at the very beginning just didn't work at all for me. I had no idea what was going on, and it felt like a mistake in editing. I'd hold those shots out quite a bit longer just before the kid starts play-fighting. When he goes into the...
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    How are these ideas for short films?

    Ah, well to put my statement in a bit of context perhaps, let me clarify. There's a big difference between being situationally funny in sort of a dumb "my friends laugh at me" way, and being genuinely, objectively funny. In that regard, I agree with you... that the people who are hilarious in...
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    How are these ideas for short films?

    You have to be funny in person to be funny on camera, or when writing comedy. Plain and simple. And don't ask yourself... we all think we're funny. If your family and friends don't find you hilarious, I advise against trying to make a comedy movie.
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    Does a short film have to be that good?

    No there aren't. It's impossible. Perhaps you mean that there are well-SHOT bad movies, in which case I'd agree. But your job as a director is not to shoot it well. it's to shoot it well AND tell a story. Shooting a bunch of pretty things that don't relate to a story you're actively trying to...