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  1. Lighting equipment

    I'm just thinking a good starting point for now, and then I can start to push the boat out to get more lighting. What brands would you suggest? :cool:
  2. Lighting equipment

    Well, I've been using the red head style kits and the sachtler report light kit, all in the 3 light kits. But that's about it.
  3. Lighting equipment

    Hey guys! I'm starting year 2 of my degree and so far, I have my camera, field recorder, Mic, boom pole, tripod, etc. and I forgot one crucial element to own... Lighting! All last year and in year 3, I used the institutes lighting for years but now I need to get my own. Do you guys have any...
  4. Indietalk mobile app UPDATE: IT on TapaTalk

    We should contact the overlords, all of us and pressure them. Like when you lobby the govt. about stuff.
  5. watch For uni

    Well, it isn't readable. I made a 3 word phrase with the numbers by using a standard mobile phone key pad. (How my mind works at 3 in the morning by the way) Just a little easter egg that not many people will think about hah. Barcode for spam? THATS ACE! =D The one i have is just like agent...
  6. watch For uni

    Also I got the idea from actually having a barcode tattoo! :D
  7. watch For uni

    Only the bold part? THAT'S WHERE I'VE BEEN GOING WRONG! No wonder I thought i broke the embedder :( 5 seconds shorter? I'll have a play with it later :) I was thinking an end placement actually as I've been watching some shorts and they don't include them at the beginning, if they include the...
  8. watch For uni

    Hey all, I thought I'd make my videos for uni look a little more professional, so I made an ident-y thing for the start of my videos. What do you guys think? It's simple and wasn't very hard to do. :cheers: JP
  9. Faking making out on film - Help!

    Be a renegade maverick and allow making out, actual making out. Then when you air it, state that you needed it to include such footage to illustrate the point that your main character is a player. If your teachers say 'no', tell them they don't understand your artistic viewpoint.
  10. SURPRISE SURPRISE Film Challenge

    A bath tub for this week? I think i can do this!
  11. Stills Share

    Took that Christmas day at the dinner table :3
  12. Greetings from Indiana!

    Enjoy your stay here ;) We good people :3 -says with a gun to my head-
  13. Light meter

    Hey all! Hope you all had a lovely christmas full of chocolates, turkey/chicken/ham/beef and alcohols! In the January sales, I'm going to go treat myself and get a light meter, but I don't know whats good and whats not so good. Budget is £50.00 as I'm a poor student. Also, thought of today...
  14. Secret Santa 2013 screening

    Love the commentary xDDDDDD haha
  15. Secret Santa 2013 screening

    Milescreation, here is your broom video. Hope you like love stories!!!!! Secret Santa My yT embedder don't work for me :( Sorry man. Merry Christmas!