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    My first 'movie' camera

    They are both solid tools within your price range. Both can shoot HD video at24p. I don't believe there is a headphone jack on either model to monitor audio. You will want to invest in audio. I don't know what you mean by "retro" look but if you are looking for stylized video, you would maybe...
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    My first 'movie' camera

    The camera is a solid tool within your price range. I don't believe it has a headphone jack to monitor audio. That's a good time to point out that if you get serious about filmmaking/video production you are going to want to invest in solid audio equipment. A great looking film without great...
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    My first 'movie' camera

    If you have a smart phone, a simple purchase of FiLMic Pro app ($9.99) will allow your smart phone to shoot HD video at varying frame rates including 24p. For someone just starting out this could be a cheap option to explore. Once you get more comfortable, one of the cameras in the Canon Rebel...
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    Short people still care?

    Exactly. "Light's Out" was picked up by Warner Brothers and is being made into a feature with the same director who did the short. I realize having that happen would be like winning the lottery, but I've made countless contacts from making short films that could lead to me doing something more...
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    Hey, I also am living in the Boston area. Maybe we'll run into each other some day. Welcome to IT!
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    Looking To Join a Film Crew

    I make short films a little North of Boston. I've only been in New England for the last few years so I'm just kind of putting together a skeleton crew. Right now we're a small group and everyone volunteers their time. I'm not working on anything now but probably will in 2016.
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    I'm going to do it!

    Thanks! Yeah I've been here about 3.5 years and there is a good little film community here. I sometimes miss the Upstate NY community but a lot of them moved to LA/Austin/Atlanta. I think I remember you saying your gf moved here earlier this year? Or was that someone else on here? Anyway...
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    I'm going to do it!

    I'm loving that this project is coming together! Looks great so far.
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    watch Death in C Minor -- A Short Horror Film

    Thanks! I really appreciate it. :)
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    Hi there!

    Welcome to Indietalk! There are people here with all levels of experience who would love to offer any help/advice.
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    watch Death in C Minor -- A Short Horror Film

    Already told you this in the comments section, but I thought this was one of the better short horror films on YouTube. Great camera work, fitting location. I love the fakeout with the broom.
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    watch My first Short Film "Imagination"

    Great cinematography! I subscribed to your youtube page.... can't wait to see your next project.
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    watch Creeping (Short Horror Film)

    I would love for you all to check out my new short horror film 'Creeping'. Other than a few episodes of a web series, this was my first film in 5 years. Like any learning experience there are things I felt I did well and things I really need to work on. I'm excited to be making films again and...
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    wanting to make a short with $1,000

    Smart phone + FilMic Pro app, which costs $9.99. It can actually get a decent image out of your phone. Here is a test I did with my iPhone: It isn't without flaws but is probably the cheapest HD camera you'll get unless you have a friend/DP who owns...
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    Funniest Truly Independent Comedy

    Exactly. A quick Google of his username shows that he as made 1 post on several forums/Reddit about this movie and then never posts again.