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    critique BackTrack Short Script critique requested

    If you become a Pro member here, there's 30% off Final Draft.
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    pre-pro My First Short Film

    Great introduction post! I like your story but feel it needs a little more. Can you come up with a cool twist or maybe some kind of revelation in the end? Something neither of them expected? Or a conflict? And don't worry about the title and month coinciding. Born on the Forth of July came out...
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    Hi there!

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    color-grading Editing

    So you are interested in being a colorist for film? Best of luck!
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    Hello folks!

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    Hi! I'm Japanese filmmaker.

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    off-topic These short films - Where can I watch?

    Do you have any amazon digital credits? They give them free to you when you pick slower shipping options. I looked and for me that video is HD $0.
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    Greetings from Turkey

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    New member

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    misc Online Resource
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    misc Online Resource

    I'm not sure if this works, it touches on a few of those and is also an interesting subject: Gigantism (like Andre the Giant)... and it can be genetic, often not but can be and you are the writer. :)
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    Hi. I'm new!

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    PhD student in Sydney