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    favorite Favorite Scenes/Sequences Ever

    Heat, the shootout in the streets scene as well as the pullover/coffee scene as well as the ending running through the airfield. Many more of course, I had to think of a movie that would be on TV where I would stop for a scene...
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    story Does anyone here read screenplays?

    Google drive?
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    Hello Indietalk

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    Give me a warn welcome!

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    cameras CP-16R

    @directorik will know!
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    humor Explain a Movie Badly

    The dude from Saturday Night Fever and Jackie Brown talk about international fast food differences and overpay for diner food. Next: Jackie Brown
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    directing How to keep Cast/Crew Engaged during Low Budget Shoot?

    And here's a tip for you. Pizza is ALWAYS a bad idea. ALWAYS! Pizza is cheap and easy and always seen as a cop out. The mac n cheese bar sounds awesome! If you are doing an early shoot you could do an omelet bar. Stay creative and best of luck!
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    locations Securing a difficult location

    Thanks for answering all our questions! Since you live in Phoenix, if you need a classic filling station look you might want to check out Pete's Route 66 Gas Station Museum. If the era is not correct you might be able to use your own props.
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    Need to be on a set?

    Boooooo, use indietalk!
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    Need to be on a set?

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    copyright Protecting my baby from the big scary world

    They all take lawyers and money to prove anyway. So forget poor man's, it becomes rich man's if you need to prove it. The best you can do is copyright, WGA, or both. And move on with your life. :)
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    locations Securing a difficult location

    Yup I think inventive solutions should always be welcome on an indie site. :)