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  • Hey, I haven't personally met you but I love your site!
    What films have you made yourself?
    Wow, my first post in your forum has gotten over 1,000 views already and it's been less than a month. That's pretty good. (member of the month, hint hint)
    Dang! Your custom colours here are just like MySpace! :seeya:

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
    So then I take it that filming for a straight-to-video project allows for a much, much lower priced camera... What is the best camera for a straight-to-video project? Again, most of the filming is indoors with low light. I'm not a filmmaker by trade or hobby, but I want to own my own equipment for this project. For straight-to-video type work (which is what it seems I should call it) what would be a good camera for the best picture quality? Thanks in advance for your time... Christian
    Hi everyone,

    I just joined. I create feature films. They are usually comedy romance drama. I'm trying to switch gears and I might work with someone elses script.

    I use a cannon gl 2. and the sound is okay. Does anyone have any tips on good camcorders you use?

    Cannon g l 2 always has problems.

    Jane D.
    and green (when I post). Yeah, normally I check this site out when at work, I just actually had to do some work first before I Customized this. Can you believe the nerve of them? They actually expect me to do something for my paycheck! How am I supposed to be a great film maker when my day job cuts into my business? Sheesh! - retirement is just around the corner, then I can sit and play behind a camera all day long and still get a monthly paycheck :)
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