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    Whats a good Filming college.

    Get a business degree from nearby college so you can use the degree to earn big bucks to eventually fund your own feature film. With a film school degree, you'll likely most never, ever earn the same big bucks, and you'll never direct a feature film either.
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    Who to call about film permit?

    State film board or commission should guide you -- that is, if former Gov. Bush didn't cut them out of the budget when he ran the state.
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    Got screwed by a film co. What can I do?

    Yup. Maybe $90 to file, $45 to serve, then $90 for the mediation session (required in most areas these days) Plus gas, parking at the courthouse and a tie. I can see why everyone is saying move on! ---- I'm wondering if it is prudent to ask for a little bit more of the amount owed you at...
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    Indie Film Campaign Launched!

    :director: and cut!
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    Indie Film Campaign Launched!

    Whoa! You expect to be HIRED to direct a film? :lol: Most everyone here eventually come to realize that the only feature film they're going to direct is the one they produce. If they're smart, they don't have all their money tied up in school debt.
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    Indie Film Campaign Launched!

    He/she may have a better chance of doing that than you getting a shot at directing a big budget feature with your FULL SAIL degree.
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    Indie Film Campaign Launched!

    Man, this is a pretty lousy marketing effort. I've zero motivation to click on the link.
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    Where to Start Producer/funding Hunting

    Hive, at this price range, YOU are likely the best producer for your project. Instead of looking for one, go out and start hitting people up for money. It'll give you the experience you'll need to approach your next project with. Good luck.
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    Changing the colors of an emergency vehicle LED lightbar

    Don't purposely save anything to do in post because your plate will be filled with fixing mistakes and you'll kick yourself for putting things on it before your first shot. Good luck.
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    Is shooting a feature with old DSLR a good idea in 2015?

    Yup, this. If gearheads spent the same amount of time on their stories and filmmaking techniques, we'd have mindblowing films galore.
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    I don't know much about cameras

    Can you afford 4K post production? If not, there's your answer right there. Ease of production. If you pick up a DSLR, you're complicating your production (and post) needlessly.
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    Ideal type of lightbulbs for low budget filming?

    Are you using led or cfl bulbs?
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    3rd Emmy Nomination

    Yup, this is a big honor. Congrats.
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    What do I pay a producer?

    IMO, you shouldn't pay over $1k for a short. There's no financial upside. The mere mention of "logging the hours" for a short that will be financially dead on completion ought to be a HUGE warning sign for you. You have to ask why you're making the short -- is it for your experience and...
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    Real Independent Films

    My 2 cents: Most of us here are jaded, having seen untold numbers of scammers and flimflammers who drive by here having atitudes just like yours. We have lives and cannot approach each vague post as if it were the REAL DEAL every single time, and if you're not willing to fork up a wee bit of...