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  1. watch New Music Video

    I thought the acting was good. Liked the colors. After a while the back and forth of happy vs sad got a little boring. Music had a slow and somewhat scratchy start. Overall very beautiful.
  2. Hey All!

    What's all this monkey business with filmmakers?
  3. watch Bachelor Pad Cooking Show | Grilling Steak (Episode 1) - by Squinty Studios

    Very funny - love the style and content - could do without the porn sound track...
  4. XA-H1 Busted - How to Transfer Footage?

    I recently did a 2 day shoot and the Unit Production Manager chose to put the main footage on an XA-H1 Canon HD Camcorder. It records to miniDV cassette tapes and now that camera is busted (the firewire connection is blown.) I am trying to find a way to transfer the footage to a computer so I...
  5. Creating Reality & Other Programming Out of the Box

    She's just one of many makeup legends. There's a huge market of people who like anything to do with makeup & beauty.
  6. Creating Reality & Other Programming Out of the Box

    Disagree. Faceoff is strictly Hollywood Movie Magic & special effects. No show celebrates the 99% of MUAs that will never start their makeup application with boxes of clay, sculpting tools, and the time and equipment required to make molds.
  7. watch Between Beasts (Animated Short)

    My sound is down - but the visuals on the monkey video - awesome. The blog gave me _ "untrusted site - get me out of here" message I now follow you on Twitter.
  8. ProdCo Animated Logo!

    I like (love) how it ends, not sure about the beginning. Seems a little strange feeling without sound.
  9. Creating Reality & Other Programming Out of the Box

    deleted on advice of my inner voice.... :)
  10. What exactly does a Producer do?

    It depends on 'what type of producer' you are talking about. Here's a great article about the different types. I know I'm calling anyone who donates money to my current Crowdtilt campaign a "Producer" in the credits, and vary which...
  11. 3.8 Million per Episode - Netflix

    It's not films yet - but Netflix isn't taking their move into production lightly. If they can invest 3.8 Million per Episode for a series, what's to stop them from going into the film production business?
  12. > My Crowdfunding Experience

    Did Indiegogo recently change their payment system? I ask, because when donating in the past - I don't remember having to enter Credit Card info. Seems like (I don't really know for sure) I used Paypal. Now when I want to contribute - I have to go find my purse. More than once - that...
  13. $10,000 budget - can I do it on this?

    Thanks for the good advice. Working on hardening the squish!
  14. $10,000 budget - can I do it on this?

    Thanks for this info. As for cast, bringing their own equipment - that was never on the table. Cast needs to focus on bringing the drama! :lol:
  15. Does the Canon Rebel T3i have good enough video?

    I'm in a similar situation. I'm getting the Canon T4i, and using other money when found for the other important things (audio, lighting, post, location, craft, ad infinitum) Regarding quality, a friend of mine shot their Festival award winning movie using a T2i and a Nikon D7000. Here is it...