Creating Reality & Other Programming Out of the Box

I think FaceOff has this niche all sewn up..


Faceoff is strictly Hollywood Movie Magic & special effects.

No show celebrates the 99% of MUAs that will never start their makeup application with boxes of clay, sculpting tools, and the time and equipment required to make molds.
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HMUA not in the service of special effects is.. well, a makeover!

HMUA is VITAL to good production value, and even on my $0 budget projects, I will always pay for HMUA!

As a spectator sport, its not all that interesting to watch.. but I guess if "Yes to the Dress" is a hit, maybe a HMUA reality show could compete. .
Youtube has several makeup legends.
The one I first ran across is Michelle Phan:

3,603,021 subscribers
696,977,760 video views

Gotta love a girl with big stats. :yes:

I didn't see what the premise was before your post was deleted but I hope your project or alternate project goes well.

She's just one of many makeup legends. There's a huge market of people who like anything to do with makeup & beauty.