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  • Hi Buddy,
    I hope yu have got my mail. I am thinking of attending Film bazaar here . I want to meet producers here . As such I want to get my first thirty pages correct. I also want to know if there is a hook in the script. what is your overall opinion. Is it emotional ? Pl have you read the synopsis .Any suggestions and thanks
    Well, have my light meter. Now I need to oreder the battery addapters and some film and I'll be ready for a test run.
    I finally finished my assignments! So for the next week or so I can work on my first draft. After that tafe will be locking me in the basement, so to speak, for a while again. So I will have a suitable for public viewing first draft soon, hopefully :D
    You done one hell of a job on Little Red Riding Hood , The rest of the crew agree. We greatly appericiate it ,if you ever need anything ,you can count on us , I hope your weekend is as killer as your work
    HiBuddy ,
    I hope yu received my II part. I wrote a brief summary, so that yu can understand . I made changes in the first one according to your suggestions .However I feel that my first scene is not upto the mark. pl acknowledge mail.
    Hope yu are fine. i know yu are busy, but I hope you will help me .
    I have another scriptHuman Bonding .LOGLINE OF HUMAN BONDING

    An Indian sister fights against all odds, and searches her sisters adopted in USA and UK and bonds with them.
    Pl can you help me . I also would like to credit you as my editor . Pl write your opinion and thanks

    Did I send you a thank you for your critique? I think I did but I'm tired. If not,thank you very much. It was way more than I expected, and very helpful. Thanks again!! Stephen
    sorry, I got a message that you tried to message me but my inbox was full. It's empty now LOL

    Merry Christmas & happy New Year!
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