Your works and our music

Hi everyone and thank you for admitting us to the community!

We are the LaMa, a "Sound Project" in which me and a friend of mine try to create tracks from melodies that just don't stop to ring in our heads... We also are proud to claim that we compose and buil our music using Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) ... We always say we just love making music "Our open way".

Since we think that our tracks might be nice tracks to be used as films/short films soundtrack, we joined the community to propose our tracks as free assets (CC BY 3.0 license) in film making. We would really LOVE to hear our music involved in some of your work!

Hope you enjoy our posts and our music!
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Wow, that's awesome! How can Producers and Filmmakers listen to your work?
Hey! Thank you very much for your enthusiasm, we love it!
We just created a topic in the sound category proposing our "LaMarcia" track as an asset to be used in film making, apart from that, you can check our YouTube channel and stay in touch with us on Spotify, Amazon Music and many other music distributors (we release our tracks also in sites which distribute free asset to be used in any type of work, f.e. : freemusicarchive)
Welcome to indietalk, lama. I listened to your video LaMarcia (very nice), and I immediately felt that it would work in an "Our Man Flint" spy movie, where Derek Flint dances in the Exotica nightclub before smoothly chasing bad guys through the streets of Rome on a souped-up Vespa. And your instrumental of Kingston Town is very relaxing. I shamelessly downloaded it and added it to my smooth jazz drive.
Hi @Maxsdad and thank you A LOT!
We're really really Super Happy to read this!
I couldn't find the scene you described, but according to your description, it seems just the kind of scene in which we think the track would fit better! Thanks for writing it, now other users could have even a better idea of the "feel" of the track even before listening to it 👍🏾❤️

We're planning to get out with a shorter version of "LaMarcia", which will not include the intro and the outro of the track; the idea is to just bring the listener "right into the action".
We're creating our Instagram page too, I hope I'd be ok if we link it here, just to allow people who like our work to stay in touch on this channel too.

P.S. I told L.A. (the player of the Kingston Town cover) that you enjoyed and downloaded it and he was just enthusiast... Just like me! So, just thank you again! ❤️❤️❤️