Your Feelings Are No Excuse

Just ran across this, by Margaret Atwood, in the Atlantic, remarks she gave recieving the Christopher Hitchens prize, and I thought it worth sharing. It is, of course, timely, but in addition--I just love her voice. Here's a bit:

"At least he [Hitchens] didn’t accuse me of hurting his feelings, nor did I accuse him of hurting mine. Having feelings was not a thing back then. We would not have admitted to owning such marshmallow-like appendages, and if we did have any feelings, we’d have considered them irrelevant as arguments. Feelings are real—people do have them, I have observed—and they can certainly be plausible explanations for all kinds of behavior. But they are not excuses or justifications. If they were, men who murder their wives because they’re feeling cranky that day would never get convicted."
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I guess it's politics day here at Indietalk. If everybody was so reasonable and civil as the discussions I've seen here, I probably wouldn't mind discussing it. Good job everybody, twitter was starting to make me believe that no one could make it 3 posts in a row without calling someone a nazi. lol.