review WW84 was a polarizing film

It was a very polarizing film. Fans were split. It seemed to have a lot of good film qualities. What is your opinion on the film?
It was laughable.
Right from the very first hokey mall fight, you could see that all the credibility built from the first film was being destroyed.

All the trailer hype playing with the 1980's timeline, and bringing Steve Trevor back, turned into a giant let down. The 80's was represented by a clothes changing scene and little else. Steve Trevor is brought back by a wish :lol::lol: and then wished away? Seriously!

Somehow a truth lasso and a TV transmission convinced the world to wish away its wishes.
Just ludicrous. How did this movie take such amazing actors - Gal Gadot, Kirsten Wiig, Pedro Pascal, and Chris Pine, and turn their roles into utter waste? Horrible script and worse direction.