Would anyone be interested in helping a young girl fulfill her dreams?

My name is Anna Turner, this morning my father decided he was going to help me start making films to the best of his ability. MY father has no experience in making films :) so I leave it up to the world of artists to help me. I need to know where to get filming equipment, how much that equipment costs, what it does, how many I need etc... the basics from the start really :) much thanks to all who read and my heart to all who help.
Given that most shorts posted in here range from poor to crap, my concern is that newbies learn to make entertaining films -- NOT impress us with their audio matching skills.

For all the DSLR and audio matching talk in this forum, indietalk members still post a heck of a lot of unwatchable shorts due to basic film making blunders. The evidence speaks for itself.
A slate should be a part of any basic filmmaking kit. It's not really that difficult, especially with a guide track. Yeah, it might take an extra couple of hourse before you start getting down to the nitty gritty of editing but that's how you learn basic skills necessary for being an editor.

If you can't sync picture to audio, you won't even get a job as a post production assistant, let alone a full blown editor.


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Thanks for the update, LH. I was genuinly saddend when she took what
I thought was helpful advice as putting her down (since edited from the
I just saw this thread revival and was curious to see more recent updates.

Also, since I'll be moving to TX in a few months was going to offer to help/work with her.

Well, life gets in the way sometimes, if she's really interested in filmmaking, she'll come back to it.
Strangely enough, I had written a "good luck with filmmaking" message on her profile page a couple of days ago. She seemed really enthusiastic. But who knows, she might get interested in filmmaking again. You never know. She did write "give up... for now" as Lucky mentioned, so, well, anything could happen.

If anyone other wannabe-filmmakers stumble upon this thread, there's always this:


For those times when you get frustrated and/or want to give up about something you're passionate about.
That is nice dream.
Again , It is possible to hire a whole film crew for reasonable price.
There are enough crew available .They got their own equipment.They are just looking for investment.
They can be of experienced ones too.
By this you can have your dream story filmed , in meaningful way.