Windscreen for Rode VideoMic

I'm so angry at myself right now. I bought the official Rode Windscreen because I planned to pick up some outdoor audio and did something I never do. I bought without checking comparisons and tests...

This thing sucks.

I should have researched it just a little bit.

Do you think I can get a refund from Rode because I wouldn't even use it to wipe my a*s ?
I have that same rode softie (different than a dead cat/blimp) and I think it works pretty great. The problem is the rode video mic, that mic is a joke. What is it plugged into? Plugging a mic into a DSLR for anything other than reference audio is a no-no. DSLRs don't record good audio.

Also, how windy was it? You can't cancel 50mph winds with a $60 softee. Probably not with a $2000 blimp and dead cat either.

Finally if you are unhappy, you can probably sell it but I wouldn't hold out for a refund. Like I said, for $40 or $60 the rode softee I have does a great job (on an AKG mic). I don't expect the world out of it though, oh know?
What do you mean different than a dead cat ? I'm talking of this thing.

I usually mount the mic on an H1 but today I was filming something that really didn't need that much trouble for what it was (a sort of street interviews for a student club) so I plugged it into the DSLR (although I won't do it again because I had to get so much close).

Anyway, the video I posted is quite self-demonstrating. I might be wrong but I don't think it's DSLR fault that wind is getting into the mic.

There is one thing though. Maybe it wasn't fully covering the mic, especially the rear end near the velcro ?

Anyway, I'm returning it to Amazon and getting the Micover. The video above leaves no room for argument in my opinion.
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No windshield and blimp can fully eliminate the wind noise, they just attenuate it. If you are miking only voice, you can further cut any remaining windnoise by applying a high pass filter at 100-150 Hz range. As human voice does not have appreciable frequency spectrum below 150 Hz, the high pass filter will not affect the voice quality too much.