marketing Which social media platforms do you use for film-related marketing?

For film-related marketing, I use

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I think it tends to vary from project to project and individual networks. I tend to get more interest from people outside friends/family on Twitter, but I've cultivated my Twitter a lot more so that likely has a big impact on that. I've tried advertising on several of them and the only one I actually saw a real return on was YouTube. That was for selling tickets to a screening. No return on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram in that particular situation.


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I think it tends to vary from project to project and individual networks.
True! Musicians barely use twitter. Post any band stuff on there and crickets. Instagram and FB are great for musicians. Twitter seems to work best for me marketing IndieTalk. But that is not a film, it's a site. But I used to never use Twitter! But for marketing a film website, it it very beneficial and we see lots of sign-ups from there.


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I mostly use FB for film-related marketing. But I do use twitter to some extent, including for promoting & boosting posts from the cast about their other projects. The more successful they are, and the more popular their projects, the more people look to watch them in other movies - mine :)
I need to add TikTok to the poll :lol:

Anyone using that? And how for filmmaking?
Yes I heard tik tok is exploding. A friend of mine just jumped on and already has like 11.5k followers. She’s going to do some acting and music in there. I personally use Facebook and YouTube. I really never understood twitter but I just jumped on there. And insta is good when your marketing through Facebook gives an extra push.