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watch what (sometimes) happens when you search for yourself on youtube

I haven't really been very active in non-film music lately, and most of my work was pretty obscure by design. But every once in a while I run google search on myself and old projects, to see if any reviews I missed or whatnot show up. Not too long ago I found this:


It was a song I did MANY years ago for a tribute cd for the band Current 93 (a favorite of mine). Someone used it for a video of clips from a movie called "Air Doll". Pretty cool, and always nice to know someone remembers something you've done, even if it is a cover. Old recording, and pretty lo-fi, but I did the best I could at the time (2004ish), yanno? Maybe it's different if you are Prince, but I think people re-using my music in youtube videos is great, though I doubt anyone will use one of my songs in a wedding video anyway!

And one I already knew about, but why not share!


A *slightly* more recent track (2007), used in a laser effect video.