logline What is the process to getting your script read?


Although you can contact movie studios/producers, the chances of an unsolicited screenplay to be read by them is close to zero so I don't recommend you wasting your time with that. There are some credible websites( like this one: https://www.hollywoodscriptexpress.com/ ) out there that offer to read your screenplay and give you a decent feedback for a price which varies between 100-600$ depending on what kind of service you ask. There are also reputable screenwriting contests ( like Nicholl fellowship, Final draft,..) that you can submit your screenplay to) winning one or two of these contests will open some doors. Also these contests are really reputable so you don't need to worry about plagiarism and they offer feedback with a slightly higher submission prize. Though I recommend you still register your material with WGA or U.S copyright office prior to your contest submissions just in case.
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One of our mods will do it for a fee (or at least she used to). Not sure what she charges but it doesn't hurt to ask. For my first feature, I actually let total strangers (on this forum) read it and asked for honest critique. Some of the critique wasn't so constructive but some of it really was. I also know a couple dudes who will read your script and record their read in real time, while giving on-the-fly critique. They did this for me and it was really helpful. If you want, I can contact them to ask if they're still doing it and how much they'd charge. And finally, you could just pay some actors their day-rate to do a table-read with you. It can be really helpful to hear thespians doing their take on what you've written cuz it's never the same on page as when it's being read aloud.


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I do indeed still do it - you can check out my fees HERE. Also, if you click the Memberships tab at the top of this page, you'll see that there are discounts available for Pro and Biz members of this site.

Beyond that, I absolutely agree with CF re the value of hearing actors do a table read. Not only will you get valuable input from them, it's completely different to hear your words spoken aloud vs. reading them to yourself.
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