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What happens if there is (from the same Autor) a literary version of a script?

Hello, I live in Berlin and I would like to submit some scripts in America (2), the stories will be published very soon, but I do not know if this makes more difficult to find producer in America. The reason: some of the stories I wrote have a strong visual feature, people say: they can "see" the scenes. The literary versions are non in english. Somebody in Canada told me that the scripts (stories) "have legs", now I don't understand perfectly what does this mean... but I can imagine. I would be very grateful if you can help me to know what involves the literary versions of the scripts and if this would be a limit or a negative detail submitting the script, etcetera. Thanks a lot for all the informations and help!
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First, welcome to IndieTalk.

Second, I don't quite understand the question. By "literary version," are you referring to the stories? If so, I don't see a problem in having both the stories themselves and the screenplay adaptation in circulation.
Hi, thanks very much

The "literary version" : I mean the story, the book ... When you submit a script, there are rights, copyrights, etcetera, but at the same time a producer, a filmmaker could see that version like an unwelcome element which limits the interest. Also, the comparative approach of the messages, versions is to consider.


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Thanks for the kind words - hope you'll check out my movies :)

If there are aspects of a screenplay that limits interest, then the producer simply won't be interested. I produced my own screenplays (and don't produce other people's work fyi).

It's a long and very uncertain path to get a producer interested in your work, especially without a track record.


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Producers do not see the literary version as an unwelcome element.
If the book is successful that will make producers even more interested
in the script. Having some stories published will not make it more
difficult to find a producer in America.