top-list What are your top ten films of all time?

I don't know why some people criticized AVATAR to the extreme that they did. Maybe because it seemed derived from DANCES WITH WOLVES, which I also love. Different enough, though. Like a fine wine it gets better as the years go by. I never get tired of watching it.
Oel ngati kameia matsmuke!

(That’s Na’vi for I see you, brother)
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Some of y'all are FB-friends with me so you've already seen me gush over Tarantino's latest. My top-10 has been shaken up. I haven't figured out exactly where "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" fits in there but it's definitely in there, probably in my top-five. The movie is f'ing hilarious!


My personal favorites.

1.Dracula (with Bela Lugosi)
2.The Wolfman (Original version)
3.Ginger Snaps
4.Terminator 2
5.Batman Begins
6.Salems Lot (70s version)
7.District 9
8.Blade 2
9.Alien 2
10.The last Man on Earth