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We turned Walter White into a chatbot

Hey all,

Character design is by far one of the most challenging aspects of writing because there are so many layers in a character that needs to be carefully crafted. It isn’t just simply about creating a fake bio of an imaginary person. There’s a whole mechanical structure behind great characters and how they’re unpacked in the story, which requires many meticulous considerations.

Walter White is one of the most interesting characters seen in recent memory. But what made him so memorable and how can you do the same with your characters?

Watch as we break down the reasons why Walter White was so memorable and attempt to have a conversation with his AI cousin - Walter "Blight"!

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I watched a few minutes but i don't think you understood the character of walter white.
you say his moral weakness was that he would sacrifice anything and anyone for his amibition yet time and time again we see him refuse to sacrifice jessie pinkman. its such a major part of his character idk how you can make a video like this and overlook that. it doesn't inspire enough confidence for me to continue watching the vid.

They even go so far as to tell this directly to the audience in no uncertain terms

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Interesting experiment. I feel like if elevators had waiting rooms, this is the same background music they would use. Grand Turismo uses this bizarre thorazine music also, I always wondered where the emotional connection is between hard edged experiences like driving 200mph, and lobotomized lounge music.
This is way cool. Great fun. And it, conceptually, makes you think about the nature of fictional characters, their relationship with plot and story, stuff like that :)