Vivien Rosewood

Hello, I'm Viviana, 33 years old, Italian (from Naples) freelance videographer and independent filmmaker. I've always considered my person as the result of a "non-stop watching movies" childhood. My only certain in life was that I wanted to become a Film Director. After I graduated in Cinema at La Sapienza University of Rome I moved to London and I started to work as a videographer. Now I live in Bristol and I am still working as freelance while writing scripts and imagine the impossible ways to find funds to make movies. I am married to an electronic musician and we spend most of our time in creative activities related to videos and music. I think Cinema is my work, my hobby, my life. I might sound a bit monotonous but I really don't have much more in my life. I hope this description didn't annoy you too much. I hope to meet and support other great filmmakers here on Indie Talk.


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