Viruses on DailyMotion's Web Site

Has anyone else gotten or seen computer viruese on DailyMotion's website? Two or maybe three of my videos got infected. I don't think I will be doing much with them anymore. The ones on their main page are of the most concern for viruese.

They've also added adware on my page with them. That's not cool.
Yes, I have antivirus and adware software. The antivirus found at least four infected files and removed them. It may have hacked into my DailyMotion account settings, by sending a ton of spam mail today to the email address I use with
I ran a couple checks, nothing. (on video pages too)


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It says 0 threads.
Bad ratings come from users annoyed by bad filtering of nudity.

I think Daily Motion is not the source of your problems.

And how can it hack you by sending tons of spam?
You still have to open something.
It is like vampires: you have to let them in.

Is your daily motion password in your emails?
Or did you get a call recently from 'microsoft'?
An AppleID notification email?
I verified a call from HP on the Internet with a reverse number ID. I have had a few emails about my Apple ID being hacked. I called Apple direct to from the phone number I got from Apple's website. They verified they were scams.

My own website was hacked and hijacked and I only discovered it visiting the site when it tried to download files on the computer. I could not make changes to it. I called my web hosting company and they verified the website was hacked and hijacked to another web host. I called the domain name company and proved that I am the one paying the bills, and they moved the domain name back to my web hosting IP address. The domain name compny researched it and said a porn site stole my website to direct traffick to their sites.

I recreated the website with Adobe Dreamweaver and uploaded the pages to my site.

On the season premiere of Mr. Robot, Elliot demonstrated how to bypass web hosting companies firewalls to steal domain names where the owners won't even know they've been hacked and hijacked. Too much information on TV.

The fact that my browser protector wants to shut off DailyMotion keeps me suspicious.

Sorry for the long response. I spent the last day clearing out over two thousand spam mails from my email address. It's like a worm virus that attacks emails.

I added malware protection to my own website by the web hosting company. I'm just hoping they can beef up their firewall.
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Sorry to hear about all this crap happening to you.
But it really looks like Daily Motion is not the source.
They found another way in. Used public WiFi somewhere? Installed new software?
Already tried Hitman Pro to check for malware?

(What anti-virus do you use?)