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camera Virtual production with Antilatency camera tracking [Unity] (demo inside)

Hi there, Virtual Production folks! I don't think this forum is used to talk about Virtual Production that much, but maybe some of you are interested in giving it a shot. Setting up a VP studio can be pretty overwhelming, choosing a tracking system in particular. There are various options to choose from, and we've made a quick demo to show you how to use Antilatency tracking with Unity. You can track cameras, objects and even body parts.

In this case, we have used a tracking area set up on the truss system, attached 1 tracker to the camera, and 2 trackers to each leg. All tracking data was transmitted to Unity via proprietary radio protocol, and was used for real-time rendering. So no post-processing or cleanup — only real-time data.

Let me know what you think, and please share your experience with Virtual Production, and especially Antilatency if you’ve had the chance to work with it before. I would also be happy to hear your suggestions on what demos we should do next.

Some of us do virtual production here. I like the idea of inexpensive hardware trackers,.

What's your use case necessitating the real time aspect? Just curious.
Great to hear! Would love to talk about VP here.
As for your question, we were making this demo keeping broadcasting in mind as well, which is why we tested for latency too.