video type terminology

id like a 1 word description for the 2 types of wedding videos i offer clients. As i'm not sure that clients are clear what they are with what they are called currently.

1. Featurette - (current name)
- up to 5-10 min highlights video (like the other millions of wedding videos found on YouTube)
- vows, speeches and other inspiring elements integratad as both direct audio and as a voice over,
- sequence is generally in order with some events mixed in to maintain flow.

2. Documentary - (current name)
- could be 1 - 1.5 hours long
- start to finish video without any creative editing. its just all items recorded one after another for full day coverage.
Neither sound very appealing. #1 is way too short unless coupled with a longer video. #2, so there is no editing? It's raw footage from only one camera? That is not a documentary, that is raw footage. Tack that on as a fee but make a real wedding video. I don't get this. If you offered this as my two choices, I'd find someone else.

Take a look at this:
The founder him/her self! Thanks for your feedback!

You will see from the examples in the article that what im offering is on par with the industry standard.
in fact, my 5-10min is twice as long as most examples given, and my documentary version is specially listed in style 2(under journalistic style)

i also give them speeches etc separate on a USB just to cover all bases.

i agree the 'doco' is boring and i wouldn't want it at my wedding. but clients have asked for it and so that's why i offer it.
i do capture with 2 cameras(1 fixed, 1 moblie) and pick the best angles throughout the day. so its not completely RAW.

i tried to avoid the word 'RAW' but tbh i think that's the best description.

So thanks again. The article did give me what i was looking for.
i think ill change Featurette to Cinematic Feature.(or just cinematic)
and ill change documentary to Raw feature.

my question has been answered!

It literately says a Highlights Video is 15-50 minutes


Journalistic Style: "It will be edited and polished based on the actual sequence of events."

Again, never seen a standalone highlights so short, and never seen a raw footage video as a finished video.