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video Video remediation help

Hey guys,

New to this forum, I am a content creator looking for someone to help out with a video that I am trying to salvage. The current footage is choppy and I am looking for anyone who has experience in fixing these kinds of video so that it is smooth.

The footage is 3 minutes, so you guys can see the gameplay. If you're able to fix it, there is a reward of $1,000 USD to the first person to fix it or give me the right directions to fixing it (and works).

Also, for context, this will be posted on a few forums/communities as this is an urgent request.

I will let you guys know if I have found someone who has come with a solution so that you guys also don't waste further time.

I will validate the video file, and also be more than happy to hop on a discord call for you to explain to me how you fixed the video, in which payment will be made.

The video footage is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/198BRfMgq0J-XtYC9vujfz_rX9-xGInBU/view

Apologies for the large file!