Video Game Guy Learning About Film/TV VFX

Hi, I'm a videogame artist in Vancouver, BC looking to transition into film/tv vfx.

My two goals are: 1) to learn how to create photoreal VFX and compositing 2) get involved in low budget horror movie making

I've been working in games in a number of roles for over 16 years. I've done VFX, lighting, environments, animation, a bit of everything. I've also worked as an electrician and electronics technologist, mainly in commercial buildings.

I'm currently studying at home to build on my experience to work at the film/tv quality level. Currently focusing on Houdini and Nuke.


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Awesome ryan i'd love to see some of your VFX from video games.
Although the coolest stuff i've done for jobs i never got to take home so i understand that.