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using 1920s/30s stock music.

Hi, I'm currently working on a short film for a theatre project, and I would like to use 1920 jazz. Any sort of authentic 20s/30s music would work perfectly, but I haven't had a lot of time to do any heavy research on the copyright complications. Am I allowed to use any 1920s music in my little film? And if not, can anyone help supply any stock theatre stock music that is free to use?

Please contact me here or at jaredckowis@gmail.com.

I greatly appreciate anyone who could help.

Thank you.

Jared Kowis


IndieTalk Founder
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Many songs are in the public domain. You have to make sure the recording is in the public domain, otherwise you will have to hire a band/orchestra to cover the song.

Start researching! The answer is not on this forum, it's too broad of a question.
It is always best to consult with competent legal counsel for the proper information.

There are numerous types of copyrights. A composition may have a copyright even though it may never have been performed or recorded. The recording of a song (CD, etc.) or the publishing of a song (sheet music, etc.) is covered under mechanical rights. The live performance of a song (by a band, for example) or playing the recording of a song (by a DJ, for example) in a public venue is covered under performance rights. Using the recording of a song in conjunction with a visual medium - film, TV, video game, etc. - is covered under synchronization rights.