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software Unreal engine 5 training

I know this is the Lab but I don't have any questions, only information.
The Gnomon Workshop was been a well of knowledge for me for as long as I've been learning CGI and some of the other digital disciplines. They offer training on so much! I noticed today that they offer training on the Unreal game engine. I know at least one person here is working a a project involving that engine so I thought I'd pass on the recommend.

The Gnomon Workshop
They do have some good training material. Good suggestion.

It's pretty generic, but I have to put a plug in for Unreal as a corporation, because their in house training program (which is always free) is actually incredibly good, with hours of intensive training per month uploaded, along with free assets, demo projects, etc. It's literally the best education program made by any 3d software company. If you just join the Unreal Engine youtube channel, there is a wealth of information there.

Udemy also has a variety of useful courses, though quality varies, and you'd probably be better off with Gnomon. They do have a consistent level of quality and professionalism that's often missing in the indie courses.

The only issue I typically have, with all sources of UE info, is that up until now, almost everything produced is geared for game makers, with film via UE only really becoming a serious possibility with V5. You can learn what you need to, but the courses often include long stretches of information that is not applicable to filmmaking. That is gradually changing though, and of course there are many areas with overlap between the two use cases.