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The first wave of feedbacks was taken in account, and ultra_outliner v.0.8.5b was released.

Download for free here: http://ultraoutliner.com/download
Description here: http://ultraoutliner.com/
Documentation here: http://ultraoutliner.com/documentation

I will appreciate any feedbacks about found errors, bugs and ideas what to change or what to add.

Here is change list:

Now cards are called "cards" everywhere (no more landmarks and collisions);
Existing cards can be added to editors with right click -> Insert Existing Cards.
Fixed grammar errors.
Added links to Download and Documentation page from About menu.
Added build timestamp to about dialog.
Open File dialog remembers last opened folder.
In Cards editor double click or right click->Find in Editor focuses opened editor on activated card.
Fixed bug with thumbnail image rendering in card.
Now right click all the graphic elements has "Edit" action.
Click on graphical card in any graphics editor selects the card in Cards Editor.
Act break can have name now.
Now flags, types and events are colored in Edit Card dialog.
In Edit Card dialog added hint, that types, events and flags are configured in Template Editor.
Double click on empty paper initiates creating new card in this point.
Window position and size are remembered.
Dimensions are fixed to traits.
If new version is available - message box will be shown at start.
Added Hotkeys tab in Options window.