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I start beta testing of my outlining software. It is absolutely free, you can download it and try. The outlining is based on cards, it is a good replacement for paper cards.

Mini-presentation pdf [ https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4tp00jW3WSrS0hvVHFkbS1tdlE/view?usp=sharing ].
Video demonstration of usage [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p31I2I2Jshs ].
Download for Windows x64 [ https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0B4tp00jW3WSrT0llQkdkY2ZBT1U&export=download ] and for Mac OSX [ https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0B4tp00jW3WSrQ3FIeF96enF4MnM&export=download ].

Ideas, doscovered bugs and comments you can write in this theme. I will appreciate your feedbacks.

THIS IS NOT A PROMOTION, PLEASE DONT MOVE THIS THEME. I simply share what I've written for myself.
This is pretty good for a beta version. However when you click edit template when you don't have a grid open it crashes.
Looks interesting, but why no version for Win32? It doesn't look like a particularly complicated set of operations to require a 64 bit processor!
Please describe it in details, I do not understand.

I think what Quality is asking for is an "Insert image" button when editing the cards. Presumably the images would be created elsewhere (whether photos of locations, or line drawings or whatever) so no need for editing functionality. Images shown in thumbnail on the cards with a click showing the full-size image so that (for example) multiple storyboard sketches can be shown on the card for a particular scene.

You could even go further into the multimedia sphere, and allow sound clips to be appended to a card (music, snippets of readthrough audio etc).
Theoretically it is not hard, but I am not sure it conceptually correct render image instead of text card. Actually, I can simple add "image" field in the card editor, and if there is no detail description - the image will be rendered instead of description. If text is presented - so image can be viewed by clicking on image thumbnail (for example, one corner of the card with "img" label).
There also is a question - should the image be embedded into document? Or copied to local dir and used as an external reference?
Maybe I should add another windows - "Storyboard", where images will be rendered instead of text? Or should it be mixed in existing editors?
Maybe I should add another windows - "Storyboard", where images will be rendered instead of text? Or should it be mixed in existing editors?

I think being able to embed images/multimedia into a 'card' would really be the ultimate advantage of a digital outliner as compared to a paper-based method. Ideally, I would like an outliner flexible enough to contain whatever data the user requires to aid visualisation, whether it be text, images, audio, video or all of the above.

By "embed", that doesn't necessarily mean stored within the file itself - a more HTML-style approach (like this forum), where images, audio and video are stored remotely yet rendered (more or less) seamlessly would probably be ideal (maybe local caching of thumbnails to save time).
Here comes 0.8.2b

- Localisation fixes
- Added image field to card. If detail description is empty - image will be rendered in card. If there is linked image - button in the right bottom corner will appear.
- Added autosave properties
- Added x86 Windows support [ https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4tp00jW3WSrdFpOZW5jNERoblU ]

Thanks for the x86 version. It still doesn't work on WinXP (but you probably know that). Also, when I try to start a "New from template" on Win10 x86, the whole program crashes completely. No idea why.
XP should not be supported, but Win10 should.
There was a bug, when creating new document with currently opened document, now fixed, links are the same.