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watch Two of my features as an actor is on Prime

Hello Everyone,

It's been a minute. I wanted to let you know Regionrat (I won Best Actor at 6 different fests) and Happy Hunting (booked the very first day I moved to Hollywood) are now FREE on Prime! Regionrat might be interesting to some as it was made for only 35 grand. Plus I'm in every scene so for the people casting in the near future, you can see what I can do. I'm supporting in Happy Hunting. You can catch me in a small recurring (episode 1,3,4) in season 2 of American Vandal for people that don't have Prime. For anyone that likes my style of acting and is shooting in June or July that is ideal as my schedule becomes totally free. But have some availability leading up to those months. For anyone that thinks my acting sucks and wont cast me, I'm booked in June and July. :) I play 16-23. Hope everyone takes a peek. Thanks!
Thoughts on being a no name actor right now..... I had some great momentum going but I believe every no name actor like me will have to start from the beginning again! Actors with any kind of name will take projects now that they used to pass on. I booked a lead in a ultra low for a August shoot but that just got canceled. Posting this for everyone looking to start shooting in the summer or beyond. If you have some spare time and are casting please take a look at my work. I've won best actor 9 times for 3 different projects at different festivals. So here you go. AND THANKS!

Now that we are all home bound more or less. I hope you find some time (especially decision makers in casting) to watch Regionrat (im the lead) on Prime and for those that like to watch stuff on the computer it is free on IMDB right here. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5677598/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_3

You can also watch Happy Hunting on Prime as I have a supporting role. I booked that the first day in Hollywood so that was fun.

Havent watched season 2 of American Vandal? You can still catch it on Netflix and I have a very small recurring in that.

Lastly, MGM's Valley Girl is coming out. I had one line in that. Last time I had one line in a movie I got cut out.

Ahh Roach is supposed to come out in a couple of months.

Thank you everyone for reading and potentially watching. It is much appreciated.