Turn on closed-captioning and learn about sound design

Uranium City

Pro Member
The people writing the closed-captions on Netflix are KILLING IT.

If you are new to filmmaking and want a crash-course on sound design, watch some movies on Netflix or Hulu with the captions turned on. You'll often find that they caption every single sound element within any given scene and you'll be made aware of sounds you didn't even realize were there. Things like "SUBTLE HEART BEATING" and "DISTANT HIP-HOP MUSIC" and "EKG MACHINE SPEEDING UP QUIETLY IN THE DISTANCE" and "PEN RASPING ATOP DESK" and "SUBTLE, EMOTIONAL BREATHING" and all kinds of other things just barely registering to your ears are vividly described via the captions. It's at once distracting and educational.

Awareness of the myriad sounds happening within any given scene is useful to all filmmakers.