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Toy Figure Son Goku Practices Martial Arts!

Hello everyone,

A few words about my little project.
I ordered a fully movable action figure of "Son Goku", from the famous anime series "Dragonball".
I scanned it with my 3D scanner, cleaned the scans in a 3D program, created a rig, connected scan and rig, created textures and animated for days on the PC to get a smooth motion.
Oh yes, and then shot the "making of".

Since I wanted to keep the video as short as possible, everything is shown there in a very simplified way.
I hope you like it! :)

3D program: Cinema 4D
3D Scanner: SOL Pro + related software
Compositing: After Effects and Premiere Pro

Movie length: 1:45 min

Youtube Link:

Of course I would appreciate a thumbs up on Youtube. :)


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There is a humor in your stuff that I find really appealing, like the old one about the Christmas tree. And, although I'm not the most sophisticated judge, in addition to the transparent technical wizardry, the sound seems particularly good. Anyway, thanks for sharing this.