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film-school To film school or not to film school, that is the question.

Disclaimer: before I go on, I'd like to own up to the fact that I am in film classes and not film school.

So, I see quite a few videos speaking both for and against film school. Now I know time is valuable so I'll be succinct.

Pros: a formal education (looks good on paper),
Creation of a network (vital to success).

Cons: debt, debt and oh yeah...DEBT!

Now here's the hack, rather than a specialized film school, why not hit the community college? Yet here's the thing about community college, it can work if used in conjunction with local Meetup groups and local venues.

For example, our film group in SFSU had members from the academy of art college as well, we did projects over there and they worked projects with us. Our common link was our city wide meet up groups. So basically, we at SFSU had the same network as the academy of art people. Here's the twist, I didn't attend either school, I was in CCSF (the community college), but I had the same network due to meetups and local groups.

So what's your opinion? Save a dollar and avoid film school, or go to a cheap (free in San Francisco) community college and thus avoid crushing debt?