Tizzy's "Intersection" takes 1st place at PBIFF!!

Well all. I had heard rumors, but today it was made oficial.

"Intersection" won 1st place at the 2003 Palm Beach International Film Festival in their student competition.

What does 1st place get me? A trophy (all togthere now, Oooooooooo....) $1,000 (which is given to my school, instead of me. Jip. Of course, this means my film has earned 10 times what it cost to make, so thats cool.) and my wife, my producer, and I all get tickets to the $1,000 a plate opening night Gala dinner where we will get to rub elbows with celebs such as the now oscar winning actor Adrien Brody.

Finally a call to all you South Florida Indie talkers out there. "Intersection" will make its theatrical debut at the Abacoa 20 theater in Jupiter, Florida on April 8th, at 7:00pm. The price, FREE. Yep, youll get to see 9 student shorts, and we are even supposed to play the H.D. trailer I shot a few weeks back as well. Not bad for a free show, huh? So, if you are in the F L A, you had better show, and if you show, you had better come up to me and give a "How do ya do?" Even if I look bussy, im not. I just look that way. :D For more info, you can hitt he fests web site www.pbifilmfest,org or, contact me directly at tizzyentertainment@juno.com

I will keep you all up to date with the insanity as it unfolds. (and anyone who has won a festival before, knows there is PLENTY of insanity.
R. Michael