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watch The Reality of Santa (2010) - A Holiday Special


Santa has been a very naughty boy this year.

As the town of Spokane, Wa celebrate the Christmas festivities, the Williams family cry boo-hoo. It appears that Santa has taken away all of their presents, leaving behind lumps of coal. Is Santa Clause the one responsible for taking away the presents from the good people of Spokane, or is someone else responsible?

Hope you guys enjoy!:)
@ 3:24 the letter could have been more legible.
@6:04..is Santa's beard coming off?
So basically everybody thinks Santa is leaving coal and stealing presents, but it is actually a guy dressed as Santa. When fake Santa (without be beard) comes in house he breaks little kid's neck and tapes his mouth. Santa(Barry) steals a coat and confronts little girl, fights real Santa, gets knocked down, then Santa gets shot.. It seems like nobody gets what they deserve here. Barry murders someone and Santa shakes his hand? Pretty sick twist. There are some inconsistencies here that could be addressed, but overall a decent production IMO.:)