The Lost Trailer

Sure, someone else has seen this, but in your entire life, you've never met anyone that has. That amazing film you saw as a kid, and then never heard anyone speak of again. This is a thread to post trailers for movies or shows that you feel have been "lost in time", or that you liked and feel very few people are aware of.

Here's a few examples -

Into the Labyrinth was an Australian kids horror show, made in the early 80s, it was bizarre in an interesting way

Michael Caine once played the role of Big impact sound, in this preemptive dramatization of the time I tried to post a friendly comment on his promotional thread, lol.

Joe Peschi once starred in a crime dramedy tire fire called Half Nelson. At this time in history, it was a grievous error not to hire Mike Post to write your intro song.

At some point in the time continuum, the guy from willow and time bandits played a high tech inventor who went on random quests.

This avant Garde show was great, but might have been leaning too hard on it's supermarket style brass section.

It took a while for tv to find it's way I think, and before that time, came the Razzle Dazzle show. This was back when speeding up playback was considered a top tier visual effect.

Jake Gyllenhall wasn't always a huge movie star, and way back in 2000, he had to start somewhere, with this insane time travel film about a giant rabbit.

Apparently a well meaning fan rescored this one. It's a trailer about the ultimate collision of 4th dimensional points, the meeting of the flinstones and the jetsons.

There was a time when the BBC didn't neccesarily know what to air, and it was during this period (1951-2012) that the following programme aired.

A show no one remembers, inside another show no one remembers, The Bloodhound Gang