The Last Song of the Nightingale - documentary looking for funding


I have just launched a Crowdfunder to help fund my documentary 'The Last Song of the Nightingale'.

The nightingale is one of Britain's best loved birds, and its song has established itself firmly in British heritage.

But it is now one of the countries most endangered songbirds, in the UK the nightingale has declined 90% since 1970 - it has felt the full extent of habitat destruction, pesticides, climate change & persecution.

Using a unique storytelling blend of animation, natural history and documentary style filmmaking, 'The Last Song of the Nightingale' will explore the nightingale’s story, from its historical and cultural significance to the plight it faces today.

But the nightingale’s story is not a standalone case, and ‘The Last Song of the Nightingale’ will use the nightingale as the poster species to explain how all our birds are facing the very same issues.

As the eminent Biologist and inventor of the term “Biodiversity”, Thomas Lovejoy, said; “If you take care of birds, you take care of most of the environmental problems in the world.”

I would really appreciate it if you had a look at my Crowdfunder:

Thanks in advance,

Katie Stacey