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camera "The East" Jonney E TV - Best of 2019 (Showreel)

Scenes from select projects filmed over the course of 2019.

Filming locations: New Jersey, New York City & Boston, MA

Shot on: Canon C300 II, C100 II & DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Projects include work for: Nike, Jordan, adidas Originals, NBA 2K, Shore Car Club, NYC Jam, BET, Glenfiddich, Reebok, Converse, Brooklyn Nets, New York Knicks.

With names such as: Jesse & TJ Mizell, Aaron Judge, Jamal Adams, Kendall Jenner, Stretch Armstrong, Seth Fowler & Kevin Durant.

Music: Lies - "Oriente" featuring Juno

Social: YT: http://youtube.com/jonneyetv | IG: http://instagram.com/jonedwards.tv

Nate North

Business Member
You got feedback, you just didn't know how to interpret it. Basically the stronger your product, the less people feel like you need help. Cell phone footage that's shaking all over the place, gets 100 comments. People give kind words of encouragement, suggest stabilizer equipment, etc. That deafening silence you hear after your long hours of hard work on this. That's the sound of people watching your video, being impressed, and walking away thinking about what they've seen.

I do remember what it was like before I realized this, feeling like the silence meant people didn't like my work, so I'll give you some feedback. It's great ok, your work looks great. The worse video you post, the more forum responses you get.

I'll go further and illustrate the psychological phenomenon at work across your entire lifespan. Think of every sitcom that was highly popular. The main character is an idiot. Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin, Frasier, Sam, and so many others were constantly screwing up. The reason being that the audience is happy and comfortable only when they are looking down at someone. When they are looking up, they have to think. People always stop me and say that Frasier was smart, but he wasn't, it was an illusion. He had a smart sounding job, but would loose an altercation with a folding chair, or a dog. Setting him up as an intellectual character only made the audience feel more superior every time Frasier failed at a task an average person could have easily handled.

Your work is commercially viable. Continue building a client list, and just living in an area with opportunities, and you will probably do very well.

Congratulations man, it's a really nice reel, and I can't find any fault with it.